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How to upgrade toy to robot consumption
Category: Industry information
Date: 2015-11-27
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Author: 佚名
At this time, the executive meeting of the state council deployed consumption upgrading to drive industrial upgrading, which has special significance. "Focusing on new consumer demand and innovating t...


At this time, the executive meeting of the state council deployed consumption upgrading to drive industrial upgrading, which has special significance. "Focusing on new consumer demand and innovating the supply of related industries and service industries, such as consumer goods, can enrich people's lives, unleash the potential of domestic demand, make up for the shortcoming of people's livelihood, and promote industrial upgrading and product quality improvement," li demanded. Consumption, investment, and export are the three parts of GDP, but it's easy to get confused. You and I are labor, but there is no work that can only be wasted labor, okay, now we all have jobs, into two company, my company use a variety of production materials to produce a machine, your company just bought me production machines to produce children's toys, produced toys to sell to our own children, and of course there are more children toys to sell to americans. What I produce is investment goods machine, what you produce is consumer goods toy, your boss buy my machine to call investment, my kid buy your toy to call consumption, the toy that you sell to American kid is called export. We have to eat, we have to live in buildings, we have to drive cars on the highways, because people are talking about excess, so I'm assuming that this toy that you and I produce is what the premier calls new demand, innovative consumer goods, consumption upgrade. In this case, you can go on and on. We make tools and toys, and we spend our time working. Our time is resources. At the same time, it costs materials to produce, like we all need plastic, so this is a chemical product, which is actually made out of petroleum. At once, then, we will meet a tall the economics "ontology" on the choice, how to allocate our time and oil, is the production of more consumer goods or make more investment, production investments such as tool can improve the efficiency of production in the future, let us better and faster to produce more consumer goods, after but now consumer goods production allows us to satisfy the consumer now, rather than delayed until later. Now the problem is known to all, we have too much investment, not enough consumer goods, and our overall mass production has a structural problem. So, you still have to work, but more time needs to be put into the production of consumer goods, and then we'll buy and buy. By definition, as soon as we buy and buy, our jobs will be saved, our incomes will be raised, and the resources of society will once again be fully utilized. GDP continues to grow at a medium-to-high rate and production efficiency is increasing as we use more innovative production methods to produce more innovative products. It's wonderful, it's all logical, but the hard part is the transformation of your work and my work. I used to make tools. Now you want me to make toys. I can't. My boss is the same, his biggest asset is his factory, but his factory is the tool of production, now these tools are too many, the factory management can not be closed, his workers will be unemployed. You say everyone can transform and make toys together! Yes, but can a tool factory become a toy factory in a day? So that we can understand, for China's economic transformation is a how not easy, and it will take a long time to digest, who only Shouting cut investment spending in theory how the experts and scholars of idealistic, they also know that transformation is bitter, know that there are a large number of people need to be transferred or even unemployed, they think it is necessary to pay the price, but they don't need to feel the pain, and policy makers are not economists, bear ability, and they need to take into account the social change efforts and possibilities. Therefore, the most important thing is to balance. In the transformation of investment and consumption, unemployment should not become a major problem. Unemployment is the biggest waste of productive resources. So consumption to upgrade, investment also have to protect. In fact, the enterprise upgrading of toy production can be the production of toys that children prefer, the creation of new demands that parents buy and buy, and the enterprise upgrading of production tools, it can be the provision of new production equipment for toy factories, such as the production of robots, or simply the production of robot toys. One day, I will probably buy a robot for my child, which is a toy and might be a production tool. In that analogy, you and my two companies are spending and investing in each other.     

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