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The first China international film, television and animation copyright protection and trade expo
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Date: 2010-07-16
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Author: 佚名
Intellectual property is gradually integrated into the cultural and creative industry

-- the first China international film, television and animation copyright protection and trade fair was held in ...

Intellectual property is gradually integrated into the cultural and creative industry -- the first China international film, television and animation copyright protection and trade fair was held in dongguan By the state administration of radio, film and television, jointly organized by the people's government of guangdong province, dongguan city, guangdong province, radio, film &television bureau of guangdong province, guangdong south of the people's government of radio, film and television media group, China animation association jointly undertake the first China international film and television animation copyright protection and trade fair (hereinafter referred to as the "fair") on December 30, 2009 to January 3, 2010 in guangdong province dongguan international exhibition center was held. The exhibition received strong support from governments at all levels, including the state, guangdong province and dongguan city, attracting about 450 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors from Beijing, Shanghai and guangdong. This expo is different from previous animation fairs. It mainly displays various animation products and derivative products with independent intellectual property rights. It has made breakthroughs in the content, scale and effect of the exhibition. Moreover, the exhibition period coincides with the New Year's day, which makes the professional animation trading platform oriented to the world and centered on the trade of film and television animation copyright combine with mass festivals and exhibitions, and creates the animation carnival in the New Year holiday, bringing a happy feast to the audience. New concept, high level, large scale, heavy weight This expo has a new concept. It combines animation with intellectual property rights and film and television, and promotes the integration of derivative products with the theme of "integrating global advanced animation resources, improving animation industry chain, building animation copyright trading platform, exploring animation industry operation mode and promoting the rapid development of domestic animation industry". As the exhibition, not only the present products, focus on exploration, to use the vision to plan the development of Chinese film and television animation industry, encourage the growth of China's animation industry organic link, makes the film and television animation industry the best trading platform, promote the vigorous development of animation industry in guangdong and even the whole country, set up a Chinese cartoon bridge to the world. The expo, organized by the state administration of radio, film and television and the people's government of guangdong province, is highly regarded by the state and provincial departments at all levels. The committee is of high rank, with wang Ottawa, deputy director of the publicity department of the CPC central committee, director of the state administration of radio, film and television and huang huahua, governor of guangdong province as the director of the committee. Hu zhan fan, deputy director of the state administration of radio, film and television, Lin xiong, member of the standing committee of the guangdong provincial committee of the communist party of China, minister of publicity Lin xiong, vice governor of guangdong province lei yu LAN, and liu zhigeng, party secretary of dongguan city, as deputy director of the organizing committee; Jin delong, director of the publicity department of the state administration of radio, film and television, as well as Yang jian, deputy director of the publicity department of guangdong provincial party committee, and li yuquan, deputy secretary of dongguan municipal party committee and mayor, serve as secretary general of the organizing committee. The participation of these high level governments has greatly improved the level of the whole expo. The expo is large in scale, and merchants are eager to participate. It is reported that the exhibition area of this expo is about 40,000 square meters, including about 30,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, 10,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area, and 1,500 standard booths. There are 8 exhibition areas including original film and television exhibition area, animation industrial park exhibition area, online game exhibition area, cooperative project release area, animation education area, original cartoon exhibition area, Cosplay exhibition area, animation book market and signing and sale area. As a derivatives exhibition area, the outdoor area has five special zones: toys, gifts, stationery, clothing, overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. One big difference between this expo and other exhibitions is that all the exhibitors invited are free. Under the invitation of the organizer, almost all the registered merchants have participated in the exhibition, and the booth layout is very delicate, attracting the audience's attention, the whole exhibition looks colorful, the scene is very hot. Since the opening ceremony, the exhibition has attracted great attention from 133 media, including xinhua news agency, CCTV and Hong Kong phoenix TV. Many media follow and report on the exhibition to let the audience know the progress of the exhibition in time. Especially during the exhibition period, journalists from guangdong TV station and dongguan TV station sought news highlights in the exhibition hall almost every day to satisfy the audience's desire for knowledge. "In dongguan, for example, one of the three barbie dolls sold every second in the world is from dongguan. There are also snoopy, doraemon, Mickey Mouse and other world famous animation brand derivatives, dongguan are produced. The exposition, dongguan municipal committee, deputy director of the commission, the propaganda minister dao-ping wang said that the exposition is approved by the state administration of radio, film and heavyweight anime expo, is also the first national exhibitions to be held in dongguan, for promoting the dongguan toy manufacturing to optimize the industrial structure, to get rid of the "contract" phase provides a good opportunity. Three major themes BBS, nine main activities rich and colorful The expo with the exhibitors to elaborate the nine major parts, respectively is: read the declaration of copyright protection and the trade self-discipline, film and television animation enterprise animation copyright trade, the animation derivative products exhibition, the national games invitational tournament and COSPLAY contest, animation industry peak BBS, songshan lake creative industrial park to promote screening, outstanding film and television animation works, annual animation works with most value selection and annual most valuable comics award ceremony. The animation industrialization peak BBS includes three theme BBS, namely "the influence of copyright transaction mode on the development of animation industry", "the promotion of copyright protection to the development of animation copyright value" and "creative industrialization". At the opening ceremony of the expo held on December 30, Ms. Liu shanyi, general manager of the animation industry representative guangzhou original power culture communication co., ltd. read the declaration of self-discipline. Guangdong TV jiajia cartoon channel opening ceremony after the opening ceremony. In this exhibition, the professional exhibition and trade activities, the opening ceremony party, the large-scale animation Cosplay performance of "I show I am wonderful", the national video game invitational contest and ten thousand people's hand painted graffiti, etc., let the audience feast their eyes on, especially the opening ceremony party with many great talents is a highlight of this exhibition. December 30 night from 8 to 10 PM, accompanied by a drizzle, the opening ceremony in dongguan city center square passion staged. The gala was co-hosted by CCTV's zhou tao, zhang zequn and guangdong TV's luo jie, while well-known celebrities such as wu qixian, adu, nan xianjun and zhang liyin also attended the event, bringing wonderful performances to the audience. The gala will be broadcast live on guangdong satellite TV, southern satellite TV, jia jia cartoon satellite TV, dongguan TV news comprehensive channel and dongguan sunshine network, and recorded on CCTV3 and CCTV animation channel. According to the introduction, the entire evening party revolves around the theme of "animation features, world image", divided into four chapters: "sheng shi hua zhang", "wonderful animation", "dream fly" and "animation carnival". The well-known cartoon characters appeared one after another at the party, especially 120 cartoon characters including sabre-tooth mouse, Garfield cat, DORA, pleasant goat and so on. It is understood that more than 10 of these cartoon figures were transported directly from the United States by the authorized company to the party scene, and each doll's value is around $30,000. In the performance, these cute cartoon figures stole the spotlight of Chinese and foreign stars, especially the night of cat and mouse, which was performed by students from fuchengao primary school in longgang district, shenzhen. Dozens of "kung fu pandas" were shown during the kung fu panda show at jinshan martial arts hall in gaobu town, dongguan city. At the party, when the classic cartoon characters like pleasant goat, Wolffy, Garfield cat and unlucky bear were around, the elderly audience in the scene seemed to go back to the time when they saw Monkey King and black cat police chief, and reminded them of their childhood memories. Popular cartoon characters also let the audience at the scene for the joy, boiling. Copyright protection is everywhere Compared with similar domestic exhibitions, this animation expo is more distinctive with the theme of copyright protection and copyright transaction. Before the exhibition, the copyright administration of guangdong province and dongguan city began to register works' copyright for free. At the exhibition, we also vigorously promoted the protection of the copyright of our own and others' works, and resisted copying, counterfeiting and other illegal products. The reporter sees at the scene, the unit that attends an exhibition besides the business that produces cartoon product and cartoon derivative, still have the unit that propagandizes intellectual property protection. A number of law firms and copyright protection centers are providing exhibitors and visitors with free publicity materials on ipr protection in order to enhance their awareness of ipr protection and understand effective ways of ipr protection. "Commitment letter" is posted at each booth on the site, and exhibitors should make sure there is no infringement of the products on display. These "promises" are precisely the efforts of the organizer to safeguard intellectual property rights, which makes the publicity of copyright protection of this expo vividly reflected. As deputy director of the copyright office of guangdong province Qian Yonggong before the exhibition held a news conference: host will ensure that the products with independent copyright when flaunt, during the show to arrange special law enforcement shall be carried out in accordance with the copyright protection system of a series of rights protection, administrative department at the end of the exhibition will also joint tracking human rights, the rights to do. It is learned that within five days of the whole exhibition, relevant departments accepted 237 applications for copyright registration of exhibition works, and received more than 160 times of copyright consultation. Best holiday paradise on New Year's day The expo lasts for five days, the first two days (December 30 and 31) are open to professional audiences and the general audience from January 1, 2010. Because coincide New Year's day, adult child is holiday, add the cartoon cartoon character on the exposition is the child's favorite, a lot of parents are special to bring their child to visit shopping, let the children have a happy New Year's day. In these days, children become the "main force" to visit the expo, watching cartoons, playing games, meet their favorite cartoon "star" come forward to take a photo with it, see their favorite toy request parents buy, children play in the exhibition. The reporter saw at the scene, some booth doll performance attracted many people to stop to watch, because the stage is relatively high, a lot of children riding on their father's shoulders, watching the stage to dance dolls, follow the rhythm waddling, excited. The father steadied his child and let him enjoy the performance. CCTV animation booth to the site of the children asked questions activities, answer the correct can be awarded prizes. There are some booths for children under 5 years old to throw square mold, and then step on the patterns they think are the corresponding patterns, to achieve a certain standard can be awarded after the activities. In front of the COSPLAY stage, there were many audience, who stood on tiptoes, craned their necks, held up cameras and mobile phones to take pictures of their favorite cartoon characters and COSER The children are very interested in the mold gun and cartoon toy booth is particularly popular, surrounded by a lot of people. Walking in the pavilion, you can see cute cartoon characters and excited adults and children, who are busy taking photos. At this time, happy is no longer a child's exclusive, found a lot of innocence and happy adults are also very happy. "My mother just bought the wings for me. They are beautiful and I like them very much." Mr Tian, from zhuhai, said: "it's nice to see the characters in the cartoons, such as black cat police chief and calabash boys, and to recall the childlike innocence and happiness of the past." Ms. Liu, from dongguan, admitted that it was a holiday for her to bring her daughter to the exhibition on New Year's day and give her more joy in the New Year. Video games became a highlight of the exhibition Although this exposition is animation as the main body, most of the exhibitors are animation manufacturers, but as a family of animation games video games are also represented. In addition, the national video game invitational contest is also a major activity of this expo. The animation and entertainment industry association of panyu district of guangzhou took on this important task and made a wonderful appearance in this expo, providing the best venue for the event and gathering a lot of popularity. The exhibition featured products of huali, kaichang, beier yue, Kenyan you, huatong, shangying, baohui, weikang and other companies, including a variety of game machines including basketball machine, dancing machine, and fighting machine, which attracted a large number of players to stop to watch and test play. Here, friends who love video games can compete with each other. The winner of the competition can also get a souvenir from the organizer. Animation and game are mutually compatible industries, and at the same time cultural and creative industries, the two can learn from each other and promote each other. This exhibition, panyu animation entertainment industry association by many citizens attention, good results. According to the association's deputy secretary general liang jincong, the purpose of this exhibition is not to order sales, but to promote the public. Many citizens participated in the exhibition, and the media reported the result of the exhibition is relatively ideal. Trade volumes are large and well received The exhibition attracted about 450 enterprises from all over the country to participate in the exhibition, and 196 original animation enterprises and 199 animation derivatives enterprises to participate in the exhibition and have in-depth exchanges. It is learned that this expo attracted nearly 450,000 people, and reached 120 animation rights transaction intention, the transaction amount is as high as 8.2 billion yuan, among which, there are 12 cooperation projects with local enterprises in dongguan. Guangdong province is an important base for the animation industry and toy production in China. At present, there are more than 4,000 animation enterprises and derivative products manufacturers, with the total output accounting for more than 70% of the country. The derivative products of world-famous cartoon brands such as Hello Kitty, doraemon, snoopy and rogue rabbit are produced in dongguan. It is no accident that the expo was held in dongguan. Pay on the return, early exhibition and exhibition period meticulous and thoughtful services, so that the exhibition has a good social response. Guangzhou exhibitors: "" I think the service of this expo is very thoughtful, and the staff carefully prepared the floor plan of the booth for the exhibitors and the audience, and provided it to the audience for free. Also in the broadcast and the exhibition site at any time to remind people to pay attention to some matters, even for the exhibitors free computer lock. The hospital room, the police room and so on, is quite good." Hunan exhibitor: "dongguan held the first large-scale animation exhibition, I feel very successful, the level is quite high. What impressed us most about this exhibition was that there were so many enterprises building special exhibition stands, which gave people a feeling of great improvement in the level. Dongguan exhibitors: "I got to know a lot of animation manufacturers and met many potential partners at this exhibition. I feel this exhibition is a success. I can contact nearly a thousand people in this booth every day. Through this exhibition, we have seen the development direction of animation derivatives in the future. Raise awareness of copyright protection and promote the development of animation value "China's first international film and television animation copyright protection and trade fair" on December 30, 2009 to January 3, 2010 in dongguan city, guangdong province, during which the "copyright trade mode impact on development of animation industry", "copyright protection for the promotion of animation copyright value development" and "creative industry" three peak BBS, fully highlighted the theme of "copyright protection". Themed "the influence of copyright transaction mode on the development of animation industry" and "the promotion of copyright protection to the development of animation copyright value", the peak BBS was held respectively in the afternoon of December 30, 2009 and the morning of December 31, 2009 in the lecture hall of dongguan international convention and exhibition center. BBS attracted a total lead the state administrative department of copyright, copyright trading platform operators, and well-known animation copyright operations manager, international famous animation producer, famous cartoon and animation, head of the original enterprise, derivatives manufacturers, media representatives and so on more than 600 people to participate in, to discuss the copyright protection and the development of animation industry hot topic. We should attach importance to the copyright trading market and innovate the copyright management model On the "influence of copyright transaction mode on the development of animation industry" summit BBS, industry experts, scholars and managers of animation enterprises from China and Japan have conducted extensive exchanges. The status quo of China's copyright market and the role of building an open market for copyright trading in China's animation industry were analyzed by Yin liansong, general manager of the international copyright trade center. In the open market to promote construction of copyright trading animation copyright business development "speech pointed out that from the copyright industry in China as a whole, copyright trading in the market mechanism is not sound, lack of authority and effective industry norms, the market trading channel not free, pirated phenomenon is serious problems, such as, the serious influence the overall development of animation industry, need a new copyright trading market mechanisms to improve the copyright trade market environment. Feng xuedong, director of the China culture promotion association, and xie kunze, general manager of the image division of guangdong aofei animation culture co., LTD., respectively introduced the importance of the successful model and the experience of aofei group's business model. Guangzhou friends cartoon culture technology development co., LTD., deputy chief editor xian-feng zhang introduces random friends cultural innovation in terms of animation copyright copyright version 2.0 new mode of operation of the model for the breakthrough of the traditional model is that it has authorized the relationship between the party and the authorized party, make the two together, share the achievements of the development of copyright and We should innovate the revenue distribution model of copyright cooperation, so that revenue sharing, copyright sharing, continuous investment and copyright cooperation are in a dynamic balance and have stronger vitality. In addition, kenji saito and hiroyuki yamanaka, from the animation division of NHK and Enterprises respectively introduced the development experience of Japanese animation and the animation cooperation projects between Japan and China, while masato yokoi from the nomura research institute introduced the content of the sino-japanese creative industry cooperation. We should promote copyright protection and strengthen international cooperation Aiming at the theme of "the promotion of copyright protection to the development of animation copyright value", experts, scholars and managers of animation enterprises from China and South Korea jointly discussed. Zhang tianxiao, chairman of Shanghai today animation film and television production co., LTD., believes that European efforts in the field of copyright protection, such as the legal impartiality of "personality" attribute of the work, its integrity belongs to the author only, and only to the creator forever, even after death. Through the copyright registration agency, creative writers can protect their originality of creativity and other measures worthy of industry reference. It is hoped that there will be such an authoritative copyright agency in China in the future, so that creative writers can trust. The intellectual property department YiYong guangdong ZhuoJian law firm lawyers from the "pleasant goat rights case" animation copyright protection, introduced the main infringement phenomenon existed in the animation industry, the suggestion of the animation industry should take diversified means of protection of intellectual property rights and combination of copyright, patent, trademark to protect their legitimate rights and interests, pay attention to scientific efficiency, combine rights and management. Zhang lihua, CEO of Shanghai tianluoxing culture communication co., LTD., pointed out the huge potential of China's licensed products through data and picture analysis in her speech "where are the advantages of the operation mode of international brand authorization", and it is of great significance to strengthen international cooperation. In her opinion, in China, the number of enterprises at all levels has exceeded 26 million, and the number of brands is in the hundreds of millions. To stand out from the cruel market competition, brand authorization is undoubtedly one of the models with less risks and higher returns, which will be accepted and adopted by many enterprises. Park chung-hong, chief representative of the copyright commission of Korea in Beijing, introduced the status quo of the development of the copyright industry in South Korea. The so-called "OSMU" is an industrial chain of creative theme used in films, games, comic book publishing, image products, music and other projects. At present, South Korea has established a copyright management and service system Online, and established a new copyright culture among the right holders, disseminators and users. Since 2006, the China copyright protection center has established friendly cooperative relations with the Korean copyright commission. He hopes to further deepen the cooperation and jointly build a china-south Korea copyright exchange and cooperation platform. In addition, the reading of the declaration on copyright protection and trade self-discipline of animation enterprises, film and television animation copyright transaction, exhibition of excellent film and television animation works and other activities also fully reflect the theme of the expo for animation copyright protection and trade services. Although there is piracy and infringement around us, we believe that with the joint efforts of the industry, copyright will be effectively protected and the animation industry will develop in a more healthy and orderly way. Related link: animation copyright service week Animation service week series activities: Animation copyright service week launching ceremony (Beijing) Copyright registration knowledge seminar (Beijing) Excellent animation project promotion meeting (Beijing) Introduction to successful animation project (Beijing) Seminar on investment and financing of cultural and creative industry represented by animation industry (Beijing) Animation copyright promotion seminar (dongguan) Animation industry summit BBS (dongguan) (for details, please see the related report of P107 of the 1st issue of vision animation in 2010) Cultural and creative industry BBS is held in songshan lake The cultural and creative industry is regarded as one of the emerging industries with the greatest development potential in the 21st century. As an important part of the cultural and creative industry, the animation and game industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and people from all walks of life attach more and more importance to the development of this industry. In view of this, the first China international film, television and animation copyright protection and trade expo opened a cultural and creative industry BBS. BBS was held in the afternoon of December 31, 2009 at hyatt hotel songshan lake in dongguan city. BBS is hosted by feng xuedong, director of the China culture promotion association and secretary general of the Beijing film and television animation association. More than 300 people from the industry will attend the conference to discuss the development of the cultural and creative industry and exchange the development experience of the cultural and creative industry. Creative BBS invited guests to have a heated discussion on such topics as creative industry value, animation brand authorization and capital involvement in animation. Mak Chiang, member of the management committee of songshan lake industrial park, introduced the industrial chain economic model of songshan lake international cultural and creative industrial park. Shen leping, general director of the first 3d wuxia animation and the first cartoon series qin shi Ming yue (qin shi Ming yue), introduced the preliminary conception, the whole process of planning, operation and commercial marketing of the film, and emphasized the creativity to change the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Wu chuangyu, executive vice President of guangzhou yizhou people culture communication co., LTD., Shared his experience about the cooperation between the authorized party and the authorized party. Gao gangfang, managing director of the investment division of guangda-jinkong asset management co., LTD., analyzed the current status and problems of the animation industry in the speech "the golden key of capital opening the door of the creative industry", and expressed his views on the cultural and creative industry. The biggest profit of animation industry comes from the development and sales of derivative products. Animation production enterprises cooperate with derivative products enterprises to form an industrial chain, so as to maintain the sustainable development of animation industry, improve the cultural and creative economic value, so as to realize the adjustment of China's economic structure and drive the growth of the whole national economy. The holding of BBS of the cultural and creative industry enables the audience to have a further understanding of the cultural and creative industry of animation and game, which further clarifies the idea of investing in animation and creative industry. YanXiaoKang, vice mayor of the people's government of dongguan, guangdong province, the south, film and television media group chief editor, zhang jian, general manager of international copyright trade center Yin rank pine, Korean culture content industry association, China business headquarters Song Mingxian long, lei Chen, director of the international copyright trade center of China guangzhou office and other leaders and guests attended the BBS.

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