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Port town party committee secretary wu zhichu on industrial development: build games entertainment i
Category: Company news
Date: 2010-10-30
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Author: 佚名
  The 2010 China (zhongshan) international game entertainment expo fair (hereinafter referred to as "tourism fair"), which will open on November 3, brings the development status of "China game enterta...

The 2010 China (zhongshan) international game entertainment expo fair (hereinafter referred to as "tourism fair"), which will open on November 3, brings the development status of "China
game entertainment industry base" located in port town to the attention of all circles again. Port town party secretary wu qiaochu recently received an interview with the media on the town's
industrial development under current market conditions.

Port town doesn't have to go "one town, one product

Reporter: do you agree that port town will become zhongshan game entertainment industry professional town positioning?

There is no need for port towns to take the traditional road of "one town, one product". In the future, industrial development should go to a comprehensive and diversified road. However,
as a subset of the cultural and creative industry, the game entertainment industry is an important emerging industry promoted by the whole town. The first expo was successfully held in 2008
, and China's game entertainment industry base also settled in the port, which prompted zhongshan game entertainment industry to embark on the road of collective development. This year,
the expo is positioned as an "international fair", and we should strive to make the exhibition a brand exhibition with international influence.

Reporter: do international brand exhibition, where confidence comes from?

Wu qiaochu: the reason for such confidence is that game play as a leading role in the cultural and creative industry has been recognized by the provincial and municipal governments. In order
to build a large province of culture, guangdong province must put more efforts into the game entertainment industry. In the past, the game and game industry was regarded as an industry unfavorable
to the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, so the government did not encourage or promote development. However, with the deepening of people's understanding of the game entertainment
industry and the foreign management experience, the government began to realize that if the game entertainment industry develops in a healthy direction, the promotion of culture and economy will
be quite remarkable.

The key to the development of game entertainment industry is "cultural connotation"

Reporter: what are the difficulties in the current industrial development?

Mr. Wu: although the industry is developing rapidly, there are some problems of management and copyright in the process of development. In my opinion, the main problem facing the game
entertainment industry at present is that there is no clear industrial policy, the industry definition is not clear, and the administrative department responsible for management is not clear. At present,
the country has not formulated specific policies to implement the development of this industry, and the industry itself does not have a unified standard definition of industrial "rectification", together
with the multi-head management of functional departments, which all hinder the development of the industry.

Reporter: what is the core of the development plan of port town for industrial base

Mr. Wu: port town is ready to build four platforms for the development of game entertainment industry: sales platform, integration of entity and grid; Display platform, travel fair and perennial
exhibition hall combination; Research and development platform, mainly embedded software development; Testing platform is conducive to the formulation of uniform identification and industry
product specifications.

It is understood that travel fair is one of the most authoritative exhibition and trade fairs in the game entertainment industry at home and abroad at present, which enjoys high reputation both
internationally and domestically. The annual travel fair has developed into the most professional, large-scale and attractive industry exhibition and trade pageant in China's game entertainment
industry. This year is the third consecutive "travel expo" in zhongshan city. Former two-time "expo" has achieved unprecedented success, fully shows the recreational game industry in China is
offering new glimpses of "sunshine, health, fashion", for our country and the world game recreational industry development set up a display of trading, exchanges and cooperation platform for
the new, effectively promoted the sustained and rapid development of recreational game industry both at home and abroad. This year, the tourism expo was officially incorporated into the outline
of guangdong province's plan to build a culturally strong province (2011-2020), becoming one of the important exhibitions to build the pearl river delta cultural exhibition industrial belt.

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