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  • Not forgetting the original intention

    Not forgetting the beginningQuality is the guarantee for the survival and development of an enterprise, and the lifeline of market development.

  • Everything grows, people in May are busy.

    In May, there was neither the chilly weather in the spring and the smog and laziness in the midsummer. This is a season full of vigor and a season that requires us to be diligent.

  • LS-Game walking on the road in spring

    People from different countries and regions came to compete for photos and signed orders.Our Customers"Captain Bunny" is just one of LS-Game's products and is a microcosm of the whole LS-Game.

  • The later maintenance of children's amusement equipment

    1. For those plastic parts and glass fibers, we can dilute them with soap and water, disinfect washing powder, bleach powder, etc., and then gently scrub them with a soft cloth or brush, rinse them wi...