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  • Everything grows, people in May are busy.

    In May, there was neither the chilly weather in the spring and the smog and laziness in the midsummer. This is a season full of vigor and a season that requires us to be diligent.

  • LS-Game walking on the road in spring

    People from different countries and regions came to compete for photos and signed orders.Our Customers"Captain Bunny" is just one of LS-Game's products and is a microcosm of the whole LS-Game.

  • Our company will participate in the 2012 travel fair

    Zhongshan port town lehong amusement equipment factory (leshi amusement equipment co., LTD.) will participate in the zhongshan travel expo in 2012. At that time, 12 luxury flying chairs, 10 love of th...

  • Shenzhen plans to add 1,627 entertainment venues

    Shenzhen issued a comprehensive plan for the city's entertainment venues -- the city's entertainment venues planning a total of 1,800, including the existing 173, can add 1,627. The implementation pla...

  • 2010 China (zhongshan) international game fair

    The 2010 China (zhongshan) international game and entertainment expo fair (hereinafter referred to as "the expo") will be held in zhongshan expo center from November 3 to 6 with the theme of "innovati...